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  1. Hi Kevin, thanks so much for all your help, in the end I flat lined the PC as it was long over due and it's all nice and fresh and no more issues, Take care and stay safe
  2. Into a browser and into notepad, however if I copy and paste from notepad to notepad no change?
  3. Opened search typed in Remote Desktop, clicked on "Run as Administrator" nothing happened, chose option to open folder location right clicked on Remote Desktop Connection chose option to "Run as Administrator" and again nothing happens?
  4. Hi, Kevin Step One: Used RevoUninstaller_Portable and removed all IObit programmes (These were all paid for legit programs) Step Two: Ran FRST64 and clicked on the Fix button, ran and rebooted Step three: Downloaded and ran Sophos Free Virus Removal Tool this wee it gets interesting as Sophos took hours to update then hangs and does nothing? Incidentally still getting same issue Can I now re-Install my IObit programmes?
  5. Hi Kevin Thanks for the prompt reply here are the logs as requested. I was not sure if you wanted the previous ones or the ones that I ran today so have added them all. Have just tested the copy and paste wallet and when I copy and paste from text file to text file copies perfect when I copy from my LocalBitCoins address, it swaps it? FRST Scan Report - 17-09-2020-14-39.txt FRST Addition Scan Report - 17-09-2020-14-39.txt AdwCleaner - Malwarebytes - Scan Report - 17-09-2020-14-33.txt AdwCleaner - Malwarebytes - Scan Report - 16-09-2020-14-33.txt AdwCleaner - Malwarebytes - Scan
  6. I have somehow contracted a virus, which I believe goes by the name Clipboard Virus, along with many others (I could think of a couple) but I will keep it clean) When I copy my BTC wallet address from the web to paste in to another it changes to a completely different address? I have ran Malewarebytes it found nothing, it did take off my Advanced System care and several other normal programmes? So I am looking for some help to remove this, I have followed several of these threads and tried almost everything, so I am putting my hands up and calling for help.
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