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  1. That's correct. I'll check now to see if that resolved the issue
  2. Also, the command listed to generate a log simply told me windows couldn't find mbam.exe, sorry I can't include it.
  3. The comprehensive kerbal archive network (CKAN) is a mod manager for Kerbal Space Program (KSP) CKAN has been the trusted way to download and install mods for several years now, and I was very surprised to see it flagged this morning. Malware was not added in an update, as I have not updated it since I last used it, and I am almost 100% certain that it's a false flag. I've attached the affected file in a ZIP archive if y'all need to check it or something. ckan.zip
  4. Winimage.com, as the title suggests, is falsely flagged. winimage is a tool used for manipulation of virtual CD and floppy images for use in programs such as vmware, say, you want to quarantine a virtual machine because you may have gotta a virus but need to put something on it to find out, you could use winimage to create a read only CD with said tools.
  5. Odd, Mediabucket was blocked for me. maybe it's been fixed since I added it to the allow list. Megaup has alot of ads, but I'm pretty sure it's not malware so long as you run adblock.
  6. cnt.mediabucket.com: is used for file hosting by a few people, and I had to add an exception to get perfectly valid files from it. megaup.net: same as above (including file hosting subdomains EX: f9.megaup.net, f26.megaup.net, etc.) ((also, for some reason you need to add a separate exception for all the subdomains to get files) gamebrew.org: wiki for homebrew video games (games made by users without permission from the makers of the console, such as micro mages) Hopefully these issues can be resolved and I can remove all these exceptions from my install. (also while
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