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  1. @Porthos THANK YOU! I did not bother to test the program - it's not something I use regularly so I uninstalled it altogether. @cli Thanks for the confirmation. Huge relief.
  2. Thanks for the reply! 1. I updated MB. (MB appeared to update.) 2. Unquarantined the files and confirmed they were back in the program folder. 3. Re-ran the scan. Then re-ran it again about 15 minutes later to be safe. 4. No threats detected BOTH times. 5. The three files (all *.dll) flagged originally are attached to this reply in the .rar folder for your review. 6. I think that is a good thing? Please confirm. FreeViewer_false_positive_files.rar
  3. Hi there. Back in April I installed FreeViewer EML File Viewer Tool (https://www.freeviewer.org/eml/) to view certain files. A few days ago, MB flagged three files associated with this program - EMLREADER.DLL, MAILEXAMINERCOMMON.DLL, and MESSAGINGHELPER.DLL - as Spyware.RedLineStealer threats. I quarantined the threats using MB. But this program was installed several months ago and MB did not report this issue until very recently. Is this a false positive or is this a malicious program? Mike
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