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  1. Re: SafeFinder Safe Finder Thanks so much @MAXBAR1 for taking the time to reply and send attachments. I will print these out and go through this step by step. Apple finally suggested I contact Chrome for help, since they (Apple) feel this is a Chrome problem--with SafeFinder embedded on my Chrome. Thanks again for replying.
  2. My chrome browser has been "taken over" by Safe Finder. I spent hours on this yesterday. I cannot get rid of this Malware. I was on the phone last night with Apple Support. Got this up to the supervisor level. Apple's conclusion is that my computer is fine, but Safe Finder is embedded in my Google Chrome. Apple cannot help me with Chrome. Apple was able to remove Safe Finder from my Safari--not Chrome. Has anyone been successful with removing Safe Finder on a Mac with Chrome. I would appreciate any suggestion that has worked for others. As you can ima
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