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  1. hi i reinstalled the malware bytes and there was no threats detected. i forgot to tell you that i already did a malwarebytes scan prior to this engagement with you. sorry i slipped my mind. although im not sure because i remember that i didnt quarantine the items before for there were a lot of trojan. since i wasnt able to update my windows, what i did was installed a windows update assistant then i think from there it was already fixed. sorry for the confusion and misunderstanding. i hope i didnt waste your time! i remember i saved the log from the scan prior to this, the attached file is the
  2. hi it said no malware found? im not sure what happend but i guessing thats a good thing?
  3. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/249614-website-blocked-due-to-trojan-monerohashcom/ i have the same problem as the one on top but i cant seem to fix the problem after following the steps given in the link above. can anyone help me. i also lost my windows defender, kaspersky interenet security as well as i cant update my windows.
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