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  1. Thank you very much The dictionaries you mentioned are browser dictionaries ( extensions ) What I need, is just if I find a cover like a Babylon BGL so that I can install inside my other dictionaries such as : Oxford concise + thesauruses also Merriam both types + many other groups ( medical + bible + 4 or 5 Arabic dictionaries ) .. theses dictionaries include all terms as well as expressions. You may know I am translator and I need to focus on all extensive knowledge. I can easily get the Oxford advanced students Dictionary which is almost exclusive, but its size is a
  2. Thank you very much Does it not convey a really threat to a computer? Now, I have uninstalled the dictionary. In the log it appears that Adware considers Babylon dictionary a threat and just I installed and scanned my PC 14 items the Adware typed to be removed. If I just uncheck those for Babylon which are ( 2 items ) 12 items should be removed , but the dictionary will not work. Then a message comes out " shortage initialization failed error 3 " = not works I see those ( 12 items ) are also associated with Babylon. Just I removed all, and scanned my PC
  3. Thank you Of course, it goes right even I don't add any exception. But can I ask you please Is Babylon dictionary really an unwanted or a malicious program ? If not so, why does the Adware remove it? Many people online complain of the pup-up of Babylon. Though I remove the toolbar of the program from programs and features, I see it does no sense and still any anti-malware I install in my PC considers it unwanted. I used this dictionary for a long time but now I feel suspicious about. I have read somewhere it changes the Homepage of Firefox, but this I never sa
  4. Hello thank you for your reply Unless I unclear it , the exception is nothing You see Here is the screen photo >> If I allows it to remove the pup-up, second day the dictionary will stop running even its icon on desktop remains
  5. Hello Each time I scan my PC the Adware soon goes to Babylon dictionary and removes though I add exception. You can this I added all the possible ways.
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