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  1. I did a normal scan and detected nothing. I was doing a full system scan and I've waited about 3 hours for the scan to end and even then it was still going. It detected normal PUPs but also found a python trojan. I was wondering if Malwarebytes itself could get infected and maybe could have been instead manipulated and changed to leak all scanned files to a remote hacker? The extremely long 3 hour scan that was stuck on "scanning system files" is what worries me.
  2. Hi, I checked the logs but I don't see any detection logs. They're all just logs of what the application did, but not the scans.
  3. There were a few threats on my Mac that were stopped by Malwarebytes and I've since deleted them. I am now wondering what type of malware they could have been, is there a way I can find logs or get an ID on the threat so I could find out what type of malware they were?
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