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  1. Before, I have tried the following in the security tab: 1. Disable the browser from protected applications 2. In Advanced Options (within the Security tab), disable all Chromium protections in all tabs. But none of this has worked, so I resorted to removing the BETA version. I am concerned that this BETA version will be published because it would give problems to many people in Spain, at least.
  2. Detected problem with Latest BETA update on Malwarebytes with Digital Certificates. When enabled Web Protection cannot use personal digital certificates from computer for identificate on websites. My temporal solution is: 1. Run Malwarebytes Support Tool and remove Malwarebytes 2. Reinstall Malwarebytes and activate with licence (without activating the beta version) Video with demostration here. Action 25-09-2020 9-30-39.mp4
  3. I have updated now on one computer to 4.2.0 But fail when i have 3.x version PERFECT!! Thanks ^^
  4. See that video... Its malwarebytes error on last update... Action 11-09-2020 22-42-20.mp4
  5. I have disabled the MWBytes malware protection and rebooted and worked with the files without deletion for hours on a test machine that I recently installed. I have activated the protection against malware and the files with the .txt extension located on drive C have been deleted. It has not happened to me in the rest of the units. I have excluded the detection of those files specifically in Malwarebytes, but it has still deleted them. Try creating a TXT file on your computer with Malwarebytes in drive C and you will see how it deletes it without warning or giving any t
  6. It happens to me on two different computers and on two different networks. Both with Malwarebytes installed. When I save a file with a txt extension to the 😄 \ drive and I have malwarebytes enabled, something deletes it.
  7. mbst-grab-results.zip On this other computer, the TXT file on c:\ is TisaVia.txt c:\TisaVia.txt When enable Malwarebytes, file is removed and cannot run program...
  8. I have a problem, latest update on Malwarebytes in version 3.X and 4.X in two differents computers removes TXT files are deleted in the local system path. c:\ Attached video who you can see the problem... I have a program that requires a configured text file, and it is deleted every time I activate the antivirus. Action 11-09-2020 14-02-45.mp4
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