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  1. i thought it just came with malwarebytes and got auto updated; like i could turn it on right now if i wanted. but i see
  2. alright thanks, i have web protection enabled after uninstalling Nord, Express, and restarting my PC. Ill just use it normally and ill post here if it happens again. Also, is it possible that Malwarebytes new vpn feature is conflicting with other vpn features?
  3. there is no way for me to *test* it just happens randomly out of the blue while playing games
  4. alright then, its attached to this mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. Yeah I did that and messaged it to exile360 instead of publicly posting it here. you want me to dm it to you too?
  6. happened yesterday and today, searched around and found out that malwarebytes is causing it.. I turned off real time web protection because an admin suggested it to another user and it worked for them. Please fix this / help me
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