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  1. Hi Could my program please be white listed, this is a new version, I have been here before Thanks, Jacob Build Tools
  2. Hi Could my program please be white listed. A number of people use it and MWB is removing it. I have this issue each time I change it. Just made some changes to it now Thanks Build Tools Program Only.zip
  3. Hi Could my script please be added to the whitelist, I have updated it again and MWB is deleting it. This program is used by others not just me. I have also tried signing it... Hopefully this help in the future. Jacob BT.zip
  4. Thanks for this, For now can the program please be white listed? When I update the script again, I have found an option in the compiler to add file version and company name and a few other things so I will fill that out and see how it gets on.
  5. Thanks for this. The problem with adding it to the all list is that this is going to work on my computer. I am wanting to distribute this program to others. I understand that the program could have to potential to be a virus,so how do I register it/myself so I can distribute it freely?
  6. Hi I have updated my script and it is getting detected as a False Positive AGAIN. 1: Please let me know how to stop my scripts getting detected as False Positive. 2: Also can it please be added to the database again as trusted. Thanks, Jacob Build Tools.zip
  7. Hi I have a script that runs power-shell commands. I have since changed the program to require admin as it needs higher permissions so it can copy folders from and to an external hard drive. Malwarebytes is deleting the program because of MachineLearning/Anomalous.96%. Is it possible for the program to be excluded? I have added a copy of my code. Also how do I stop this happening in the future? Build Tools.zip
  8. Hi I have a program that I have written using the AutoIT language (https://www.autoitscript.com/site/) is being flagged as a false positive by your software. This started happening after I added TCP server capabilities (So the script can talk over the local network to other scripts allowing the searing of information). As a basic script writer, how do I "Register" my compiled scripts so AV's don't detect them as malicious? I will be running this script/EXE program on other computers that might be running Malwarebytes. Thanks Jacob GOW - Build Tools.7z
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