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  1. ...except the support tool failed to zip up its logs and told me to seek help here. Should we do that in this thread?
  2. If I try to update Malwarebytes manually, it attempts to download something, but it doesn't make it past 0%.
  3. I'm back. If I try to update Malwarebytes manually, it attempts to download something, but it doesn't make it past 0%.
  4. Is it a problem that there are no new updates after enabling beta?
  5. Oh, we've done the offline installer before. It works. The task now is to figure out why the online installer only works sporadically.
  6. I haven't done a restore yet. I was able to rebuild the BCD through... something, probably one of the links either you or Maurice sent, or some similar thing I found. So my SSD boots, but it will not install Malwarebytes through the online updater. I'm gathering logs with the support tool now. Let's hope my boot sectors don't get deleted.
  7. The boot error is 0xc0000225. I tried removing the HDD and using F8, but it doesn't make it as far as the F8 options, just error 0xc0000225. Will try again... maybe my keyboard was just being lazy.
  8. I don't recall ever using Bitlocker for anything, although I do think I remember it being installed. I don't remember specific errors from the FRST run. Is there a log file somewhere I can try to find? The system restore wants to run on what it sees as the current C drive, which is not the one I need to restore. Is there a way to make it run against the current J drive? When I ask it to show what programs will be affected, it shows me a list of practically everything currently installed on the HDD that'll be deleted. Will attempt F8 now...
  9. Windows 7 is working, but it's the copy of Windows 7 installed on the HDD, not the one on the SSD which I would prefer using. FRSTEnglish is in the Downloads folder on the SSD. The SSD has been installed for a year or so now. The internal cabling has not changed. Earlier today, after the boot problem started, I disconnected/reconnected the two drives a few times to see what would happen, but they are currently connected as they originally had been. This PC is a regular desktop tower, specifically an Alienware Area-51. I have a USB flash drive ready to go. I can use Win
  10. No change from before. Boots into Windows 7 from the HDD, cannot boot into Win7 from the SSD.
  11. Hi, no, Malwarebytes isn't fine. It seems that the support tool uninstalled it before requesting a reboot. So I can't boot to my SSD, and if I could, I wouldn't have Malwarebytes installed.
  12. Hi everybody, My update issue from these threads: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/263681-cannot-update-to-42-or-reinstall/?tab=comments#comment-1406638 https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/263689-cant-download-updates-was-suggested-to-post-here/?tab=comments#comment-1406674 resurfaced. Before I did anything else, I ran the MSERT tool, which seemed to magically make the problem go away even though the tool itself found no issues. I downloaded and ran the MB support tool again in preparation for a new thread on this mystery. After/during the support tool's first s
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