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  1. Well right now I'm paying 14.99 for my Malwarebytes Android subscription which I pay for on Google Play. Now I'm in Canada so I'm not sure whether that payment is in American or Canadian dollars. If it's in Canadian dollars it would equate to about 10 dollars US, but I think it's probably in American dollars so I'm probably overpaying. I'll have to check into that further as I can't seem to find the original payment for that charge probably because I already had a cash value in my Google Play account and it came out of that. Anyway I thank you again for your help, much appreciated.
  2. Thanks again Porthos but the probelm is with step number 3 on that web page. It says, 3. For the subscription you want to add devices, click the Buy more button below Available devices. On that webpage there is no buy more button to click on below available devices. When I went to the site store.malwarebytes.com to buy a new subscription the option to buy additional devices at $10 per device was there. It looks like there is no way to modify or add devices to an existing subscription but you can only do this at the time of getting a new subscription. I may have to let the subscription expire
  3. The only problem is that when you sign into the Malwarebytes account portal at https://my.malwarebytes.com there is no option anywhere to buy additional devices! At least I could not find any links for doing so!
  4. I have a 1 year premium Malwarebytes subscription I think it cost $39.99. How many devices does that subscription cover? Right now I have a separate subscription to Malwarebytes for my Andriod phone and I'm not sure I actually need it. Their website is absolutely ridiculous that they don't make this information clear, it's most annoying! when I look at that Windows premium subscription I see no information on how to add another device. I'm suppose to see add another device somewhere according to their stupid help files but there is simply no such text anywhere to be seen. I almost get the impr
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