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  1. Yes, it looked very similar. Probably was legit, but there were a few things about it that made me wonder ???? Thanks for your reply !!!
  2. Hi David, Thank you for your reply, and pointing me in the right direction. I will post to "Newest IP or URL Threats" as you suggested ( I think I understood the recommended format regarding the RAW text). Thanks again for your assistance ! Howard Knight
  3. Hi All, I'm a fairly new Malwarebytes customer, still "learning the ropes" on what/how to post on Malwarebytes Forums. This my first post....I didn't get a real answer to my question through the basic Malwarebytes Customer Support system. I received an email that "appeared" to be from Malwarebytes. The email stated "It looks like you've encountered at least one threat in the last month. Don't worry....etc. etc..". A few things about the email looked suspicious, so I'm wondering whether it might have actually been a phishing attempt ? I reported the email to Malwarebytes Sup
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