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  1. Thanks, so kill it with fire it is then, appreciate the transparency. I agree with many when they say that Malwarebytes isn't what it once was, but now with shoving ads down people's throats for the price of 'free' - I thought limited features were the price of free? - you're making space for competitors to claim your unsatisfied users. Me leaving now won't mean anything to you, but as you've been bleeding customers for some time (hence the annoying popups), and will continue to do so, try and think back to where it all went wrong. Anyway, I've uninstalled Malwarebytes, you may close
  2. That's besides the point, I already spent too long exchanging emails with your colleagues about that license a few years ago and it didn't go anywhere. I've accepted it and moved on, now if we can address the issue at hand please - removing the annoying popups.
  3. Lately Malwarebytes has become increasingly more pushy in annoying me to upgrade. I get at least one pop-up a day telling me to upgrade to Malwarebytes premium, there's 20% off, there's summer sale, there's this, there's that. I do not need the premium features at the moment, and I find it extremely annoying to have to continuously close annoying popups from Malwarebytes trying to sell me something which I don't need. I understand that it is a free application and the revenue for the continuance of service comes from paying customers (I was one of them before my lifetime license got
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