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  1. Hello
    I was trying to view GetBlackBird website and MalwareBytes blocks it.

    I have seen thousands of people using their application.

    Any explanation about it?

    Also, how can I exclude it from blocking?
    I forgot, I do not use this bit much.


  2. Got exactly the same this morning and I closed MWB and did delete that database file - no change!

    I have had version 3 installed until a couple of days ago as it was impairing my web-browsing too much, then after a LONG time I decided to test it again and I got a problem on one computer and today this on another [PAID versions!].

    Are you going to fix it or shall I find another Company?

    MWB is NOT any more what it used to be, especially on mobiles ... overcharging!

    Is it the end of MWB ?

    What shall I do to be able to use Seamonkey? I use 3 browser for different things and cannot use that now.


    One thing I HATE is interfering with my life and I keep a very tidy ship too!

    It reminds me of Microsoft interference!!!

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