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  1. I am slightly concerned about MWB accessing server for .exe etc. That can be: 1. tracked 2. Fingerprinted [i.e. to ONE specific licence - if registered], etc. 3. list program users have! 4. I could go on ... profiling ... ? How can we be certain this does not happen? mmm
  2. At present is working ... so, does MWB actually check on a server list and then stops it?
  3. What does it mean? Different from what ... sorry I am thick!
  4. Confirmed, only happens when starting SM. If I shut down MWB and then start SM - all is fine.
  5. Find attached file Seamonkey.rar By the way, seamonkey running fine then I restarted MWB and no detection while seamonkey is running ... yet.
  6. I did NOT do any update on SeaMonkey - not even add-ons or site browsed - it is set to open the same sites.
  7. Install seamonkey and test, I have no time to waste, I am busy working. These things take ages ... therefore I will re-install version 3.
  8. The exact file is simply its seamonkey.exe ! Look, I am clean and the file is clean. The problem is MWB 4 - I guess I will have to re-install version 3 - I also have other protection ... I am safe.
  9. ... by the way, in my case I cannot OPEN seamonkey and get blocked, restore and re-blocked. Malware.AI.1170555320
  10. Got exactly the same this morning and I closed MWB and did delete that database file - no change! I have had version 3 installed until a couple of days ago as it was impairing my web-browsing too much, then after a LONG time I decided to test it again and I got a problem on one computer and today this on another [PAID versions!]. Are you going to fix it or shall I find another Company? MWB is NOT any more what it used to be, especially on mobiles ... overcharging! Is it the end of MWB ? What shall I do to be able to use Seamonkey? I use 3 browser for different things and cannot
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