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  1. I ran the files listed for creating that traffic through virustotal.com and it didn't say anything was off about them. Passed hash checks and everything. If nothing is suspicious according to your judgement I won't worry about it.
  2. No threats found from virus removal, log file attached. However in the mean time Malwarebytes logged some apparently suspicious traffic coming from my computer. Normally I don't worry about this sort of traffic as they're all coming from files that normally run updates on the games I have installed and I've had false alarms in the past on my other computers, but when I saw three of the four logs were trying to connect to the same IP all for different games by different companies I thought it was too suspicious to be ignored. I could just be extra paranoid because of recent events but I'll
  3. It seemed like it ran into some sort of error scanning my boot drive, pictured below. I scanned just my games drive and it seemed clear: I spent last night trying to let it run on my boot drive again but it ended with the same results message, but with a slightly smaller amount of objects processed. Going to scan individual folders this time. Sorry for going silent, I just wanted to see if it would have the same error a second time, and these scans I leave running overnight.
  4. Looks like we got a hit for a DarkComet backdoor. The other stuff was just detecting files from SecLists. I downloaded it a while ago for educational reasons and forgot about it, when it started showing up in this scan I just decided to delete the repo. I stopped the scan when I realized it was trying to scan through 42.zip, going to restart now and see if it finds anything else. I had the infected file on my computer for about a year but I never actually touched it... (kind of a stupid question but) could it really do a whole lot just sitting on my computer without ever actual
  5. My system has been working normally for the most part so far. My biggest concern is that there's still some kind of backdoor or other malware still present that is hiding itself, as this post seems to claim is possible. If you guys can confirm that isn't possible, I'll be on my merry way and we can close up this thread. Many thanks.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply Kevin, I do recognize all those shortcuts, they're all small programming projects I worked on and I gave my discord bot projects joke names and different shortcuts for different versions and servers to be run in. I attached what Autoruns found. DESKTOP-DCQ76CT.zip
  7. I was browsing some sketchier websites (sorry for being stupid) while Malwarebytes was running scans in the background when a threat detection notification popped up saying it found something. I immediately looked at the report and it said it found the logs folder from a DarkComet RAT. That was the only thing detected, no actual log files sitting in the folder like most other people found when they detected the problem folder. After doing some initial research about the threat, I found some conflicting information on what to do next. I found this article saying to just nuke the drive and start
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