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  1. thanks nathan, yeah I saw that link after I posted, I don't know if it would get them all, but for some it will work.
  2. Got 2 long time ago that shipped with junk, ran scan on them recently 1 has 2 riskware something called fotaprovider it's system, can't delete, I disabled and force quit other has sound recorder, system application, trojan agent aed bingo launcher, riskware com.android.snap, system application, trop dropper agent cjm I think I probably could delete them because I think I rooted the phones a few years ago, but don't want to wreck the systems and get into flashing custom roms and all that again, because they work and these might be embedded, one of them has a weird android called dido os? is disabling them enough?
  3. yes, that is correct but he had to mail it to me personally, he will likely put it in his next official program update, which is standalone or through setapp subscription but I don't know, that's his decision, I don't know if there's much overlap between users this particular program and malwarebytes mac or the bug would have been discovered before I did, but regardless if you have problems you can try emailing the dev he is very helpful.
  4. Thanks for replying/explaining how it works, I prefer it on obviously, but if there's no other way I think periodically turning it off and on might be ok so long as I scan regularly, but obviously I'm no expert. I sent the logs yesterday and didn't hear back today, wasn't sure if that's normal or not, I'm sure they'll get to me eventually, long weekend and all. ticket is - Malwarebytes Support Ticket 3182429 if it helps.
  5. It interferes with a program I need, and from reading, I can see there are no exclusions on the mac client, so stopping the scan temporarily is the only way I can use the program. It's not malware at all and not detected at all by malwarebytes, but for some reason malware protection running interferes with its functionality, the malware protection is scanning my hard drive correct? If I'm not adding files at that time, it wouldn't do anything anyway right? some malware is not going to magically show up and be stopped by it so it should be ok? I do regular scans daily as well.
  6. I tried going through support and the scan and zip and everything but they didn't get back to me yet (ever?), so I'll try here. I have a notetaking program called sidenotes that I need, when malwarebytes malware protection is on (obviously important to me), the notes doesn't function properly, it won't let me type, it renders it useless, if I turn it off, program works fine, I looked but couldn't find any option to whitelist, can i do something by editing a preferences file in malwarebytes? I would like both these programs working together. thanks.
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