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  1. Brilliant, thanks! Though not quite sure why I even had to ask that, I've been through those setting multiple times, so must have seen it multiple times! 🤦‍♂️ 🤣
  2. That's great, thank-you for your help. I'll probably give both a try, see what works best for me/us. And also keep an eye on that support article regarding compatibility. Do you know if there is any way to stop the pop up notification appearing when when the web protection is turned off?
  3. I don't insist on anything, as I say I'm open to suggestions for best practices and just looking for the best options. I/we have been happy and infection free for years by simply using bitdefender free for realtime and using malwarebytes (and also superantispyware, forgot to mention that one earlier) for on demand scans, so I don't want to go too deep into making something work, adding exclusions etc, to then still run the risk of incompatibility. It wasn't broken before so doesn't need fixing as such, and we could happily go back to what were were running, but we got our malwarebytes premium
  4. Hi all! :) I've recently updated 3 machines from malabytes free to malwarebytes premium and I'm looking for the best settings to keep everything running as smooth and glitch free as possible. We did have a bit of an issue, which might now be fixed since yesterdays malwarebytes update, but I'm still looking to make sure I have the best settings to avoid any compatibility problems. There are two windows 10 SSD machines, and one windows 7 HDD machine. The set up used to be bitdefender (free) taking care of the active protection shields, and malwarebytes free being used to do manual scans on
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