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  1. Nope, everything's good, thank you for your hard work!
  2. Update: Ran disk check (1) Currently on High Performance Mode (6) Disabled Superfetch (Sysmain) (4) Disabled DiagTrack (Connected User Experiences and Telemetry) (5) Did these few things and found that the disk ran more smoothly, not completely fixed though, sometimes it would go up but eventually it'll go down to normal and low rates. Thank you!
  3. Nevermind, did some research looks like the problem's within windows; I should probably just get this checked out irl, thank you!
  4. Update: Everything was going fine until I streamed my BlueStacks with Discord and an hour later discord crashed and reconnected like nothing happened at all; I went to check the task manager and my disk was at 90% - 100% always. I uninstalled MalwareBytes cause I think I'm lagging again because of it haha, what do you think? My PC just lagged and we're fine now?
  5. Thank you! I thought that was a crucial step and I've made a grave mistake; thank you once again, I can do online classes with no fear now and anxiety that my computer might be infected. You're a life saver, see you around!
  6. Was I supposed to do that one? Or it's ok if I skipped it? I've already uninstalled the tools sorry!!
  7. Oh, well I skipped that one because you said it's ok if I don't want to do that scan. So now my computer's fine thanks to your help; I don't have any results from the security scan cause I skipped it haha. Sorry! I thought you knew I decided to do that maybe next time
  8. Here you go, it gave me this kprm-20200906200136.txt
  9. Oh, I forgot to ask, what do I do with MBAR now? Do I uninstall it through programs or do I just keep it in a folder named "Malware Bytes" with the normal Malwarebytes just in case I feel like scanning again?
  10. I'm gonna have to pass on the SecurityCheck, maybe next time! I have online classes tomorrow and I need to get my PC desktop clean again because of the arriving works and activities. Thank you for the help though; I really appreciate it, you're a lifesaver. Kudos man, thank you once again!
  11. Hello, here is the Fix log that came out of the fix from FRST Fixlog.txt
  12. Question, the guide says that I need to save the passwords that I have on my browser because it will be temporarily removed. So after this fix from FRST64, do I need to log my accounts on google again?
  13. So I open FRST64, I click "fix" and I also need to make sure that the .txt you gave me is on desktop (where the other files are) as well?
  14. Hello, did you find anything wierd? The only thing I thought that wasn't normal was the "Windows Defender scan stopped before completion" one
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