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  1. Everything working clean and nice so far. Will raise a new ticket if faced new issues. I am very grateful for your help. really. Thank you
  2. aye aye captain! Although its an causality effect, I shall keep that in mind. Browser problem is solved though. Is there someway to give you a token of appreciation?
  3. Ya I actually wasn't trying to "scan" as you clearly mentioned NOT to do that. There wasn't "But look instead at the far-left options list in black." thingy so I was searching and searching and accidently ended up scanning which I tried to cancel but I think I couldn't. I truthfully didn't want to remove malwarebytes from the PC as it was my savior but it later on gave so few problems. I access corporate firewalls like juniper, fortigate and sophos from ssl vpn. The pages were either not loading properly or not loading at all. I tried removing the malwarebytes and it worked for some reas
  4. Apologies for late response. Kindly find the attached requested file mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. So I was trying to search in google for what "Trojan.MalPack.TRE" is. I saw a link and tried to open it https://adwareremoval.info/trojan-malpack-tre-generic/ But the link was blocked and malwarebytes gave me a pop up informated [attached below]. Below is the screenshot of what the web browser showed. Below is attached report of MBA. I scanned twice. Looks good mbar-log-2020-09-10 (11-22-11).txt mbar-log-2020-09-10 (11-39-09).txt
  6. Hey Maurice, Apologies for not replying. I tried to open the download link so that I could immediately scan and send you the required details but didn't work. Later I got caught up in my office work. I think my ISP may have blocked the download site. It has blocked many adult sites. https://www.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner This site opens but when I click on download, it shows [see the attached picture] Below is the scan report from normal malware application. Regards, Sanskar Singh scan report.txt
  7. Hey Maurice, Thank you for your timely response and detailed explanation. For some reason the following download link didn't work https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/adwcleaner so I downloaded the trial version of premium malwarebytes, scanned and quarantined the threats and it worked! I really appreciate your help. Thank you again! Apologies for posting this before actually trying the malwarebytes. Kindly don't get vexed. Regards, Sanskar
  8. Alright. I haven't managed to find a problem similar to mine anywhere in the internet so pardon me if there already is. I use updated edge browser for my work but I also had chrome in my pc. Whenever I booted my PC, chrome used about 35-85% of cpu. I hadn't even launched the chrome and nothing was showing in the tray. Frustrated, I removed chrome and installed firefox. Same problem. When I check task manager of firefox, nothing is showing. In the normal PC task manager, whenever I manually kill the firefox process, cpu usage is back to normal. I really hope someone can help. What do I do
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