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  1. Ok thank you for the help, so in other words I can just disregard them ?
  2. Interesting, I'm also getting this message from Norton. I'll have to do a little more searching.
  3. this was so helpful thank you ! I think I've been able to remove the after-effects as you've suggseted. One thing, I installed a norton antivirus for 30 days just to be sure. While flipping through the web on Chrome I was just given this message on my computer (see attached photo). I told Norton to block it; is this some sort of malware attempting reeentry? I have no idea if it was how I would stop it without Norton turned on
  4. So it seems I have some sort of malware on my Google Chrome on Mac. I'm pretty new to this so please bare with me. For example When I search a random search in Google Chrome this URL briefly shows: http://www.google.com/url?sa=D&q=http%3A%2F%2Fsearch.operativeeng.com%2Fcps%3Fq%3Dwhere%2Bare%2Byou%26_pg%3DD5AF862B-7C24-5787-AF3D-AEAFF9F8B205 I am then redirected to Yahoo's search engine even though Chrome had always been my default. When I go to Chrome settings I see this search engine listed but there is no remove option. Chrome://management shows my computer is b
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