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  1. No Thank you. My computer seem to run a little bit better especially when I watch live streams from twitch. It use to buffer once in a while. Now it doesnt. I am not sure what scan you ask me to do that fixed this issue thank you.
  2. The issue is when malwarebyte browser guard is not active the popup shows up. I tried disabling it to see if the popup still occurs and it is still active. So I need to keep sure malwarebyes browser guard is working.
  3. Here is the log file from Eset scanner. Eset scanner.txt
  4. Im still scanning with eset since 2:00 Now its 6:00. It seems that its taking forever. The scan is at 280000 files scanned.
  5. One important thing I forgot to mention to you about malwarebytes scan. If you look at the scan results every time I have the program scan my computer it finds and detects the same threats no matter if I quarantine and delete detection. Can you help me figure out how to get rid of the results. Here are the logs you requested. malwarebytes.txt roguekiller.txt Search.txt
  6. ok. The only issue that i have with chrome is when malwarebytes browser guard isn't running because either it was disabled by accident or extension crashed and did not work again. So if any of these happen again then the popup will occur again and I will be aware of the issue. So at least I have this issue taken care of and if i want to use incognito mode I can. So for the logs I posted earlier did you find anything suspicious.
  7. Here is the path show Im using chrome canary btw. "C:\Users\alyob\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome SxS\Application\chrome.exe . That is the one that is causing the popup but malware browser guard has taken care of it.
  8. I start chrome from taskbar. Here are the logs.Addition.txtShortcut.txtFRST.txt
  9. Funny thing you ask which wesbite i go to before i get the popup. Even when I start chrome and the default home page is google it will trigger dakotaram.com. Here is the log file attached.AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  10. Never mind Maurice Naggar it seems that malwarebyes browser guard was disabled for some reason. I did not realize that until I clicked on it on the browser. The popup from malwarebytes stopped when I re enabled the plugin. Thank You for your help.
  11. I have malwarebytes browser guard installed already on all my browsers and I deleted all my history before I attempted to post here. As for which websites the popup occurs on is not really specific which ones because even google.com triggers the popup check photo please.
  12. When I go to certain websites on chrome I get a popup from Malwarebytes from dakotaram.com see attachment below. I use windows firewall to block the outbound ip address and did not work. I scanned computer and nothing was found. What other option can I do.
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