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  1. msert.log I did run system file checker before I posted in the forums, and It did fix multiple corrupted files. I also ran it after running Msert and verification is at 100% still. Furthermore, I appreciate all of your help and I am willing to do as you al as you ask and not make any other changes at this time. However, I would like the ability to restore any files( after we are completely done and test them more in depth) that I may feel is not a threat to my PC and may be coming up as a False negative. I did not see the ability to restore files cleaned with M
  2. i will leave them out for now. Ram Percentage is even higher than normal than before. MB still actively blocking website. if i reboot will i loose the chance to undo quarantine files from last scan?
  3. ESET deleted 19 of 20 threats found. there were a few there in the F drive that were not viruses. I could only see one file path on the end screen and clicked continue, Since there was no back button i was unable to change my decision and lost some files that were not viruses, any way to get them back? ESET_LOG.txt
  4. FIles are already not hidden enabled umajoin from startup. restarted PC, (PC still reboots extremely slow about 3 mins to reboot usually only takes seconds, MB is now blocking website once again , Deleted \Users\Mike\AppData\Roaming\umaJoin\wKsESIKg.vbs updated eset, scanning now im not sure if i installed umajoin or not. any idea what it is?
  5. Oh sorry, on my last restart before i saw your post. I found a program named umaJoin under startup tab in taskmanager. after disabling it seems that the ipconfig.exe under sysWOW64 is not running. PC is still slow to reboot. mind you this is prettty new hardware (intel 8700k, 16gb ram) and usually reboots fairly quickly.
  6. Hi Maurice, My name is Mike. I understand completely, From now on the show is yours.
  7. I ended task of file (C\windows\sysWOW64\ ipconfig.exe) which was in question causing MB to block websites, and the notifications stopped. file size is 29kb. Not sure if its malicious or not. From what I've read the true ipconfig.exe lives inthe system32 folder and is there. Still would like help on this issue please. I did not run a fix file for FRST because I'm not sure what I'm doing and i don't want to kill any appropriate programs.
  8. HI I recently have noticed my gaming computer using more ram than normal and it takes extra long to reboot. Also when looking under taskbar\startup, the last bios time has progressively gotten worse (currently 1159 when its usually 15-19) after installing malwarebytes and doing a scan, the program said i had 2 bitcoin miners in my windows store folder which i quarantined. Malwarebytes no longer shows any threats, however i keep getting websites blocked messages notifications. Please help. is there any way to clean or will i need to rebuild my system hard drive.
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