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  1. An update to the people and friends @Malwarebytes who protect me from the sometimes evil internet. During the time i was sleeping, in the middle of the night, several support staff resolved my issue. The billing computer system may have dropped the ball but support staff didn't. Thanks for all your time and assistance, also for the #1 Malware fighter on Earth.
  2. System keeps asking for me to update cc info for past week or more ......then says it recorded the info i provided......but never draws from the cc. Over and over this happend. On 8-26-20 i submitted a ticket. 5-7 days is a bad response time when dealing with computer protection software ...... I have already lost protection on one device. Thanks for your post Porthos, appreciate it .... but please ask the hackers not to attack me in the next 5-7 days.....
  3. I have already completed the steps the "bot" suggested..... Have been a subscriber of Malwarebytes for over 4 years .... Can not renew my subscription and have already lost protection for my android device ...... suspect my desktop will be next to expire. Would really appreciate some HUMAN interaction from Malwarebytes Staff.
  4. Can not update my credit card info and no response to my service ticket other then automated..... please help ! My ticket number is 3167672.
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