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  1. Hi, thanks for the update and information. I have adjusted as your recommendation and it looks like this has solved the issue. I'll keep an eye on it to make sure it continues to be ok. It's strange that this started to happen, especially as I haven't adjusted any of the settings, could this have happened when I updated Malewarebytes? Regards, Karl
  2. I have started to have problems saving a Word Doc. Every time I try and save a file, Malwarebytes gives me an alert saying; then its shuts word down Threat Malware.Exploit.Generic Application Microsoft Office Word Technique Exploit payload macro process blocked Word has been ok up until a few days ago. I hope you are able to help Regards, Karl
  3. Hi Bob, the only thing I can suggest is to go to the setting in Malwarebytes, Click on the notifications tab at the top and un-click where it says 'Show all notifications in Windows notification area' That way Malwarebytes still blocks, but you don't get that annoying pop-up every time you use your browser.
  4. Just to add, I tried this. It all made sense, however, it didn't work https://help.liquidweb.com/s/article/Blocking-IP-Addresses-Using-Windows-Firewall
  5. Hi Guardian Bob, I am getting exactly the same problem. Everything has been and was ok up to yesterday, then this morning I get the same messages. I have opened up a ticket with Malwarebytes, however, its to soon for a response from them. Looking at other users it seems to be happening, albeit showing different web sites, but basically the same. All I can tell you is what I have tried so far; 1. Uninstalled Chrome, the reinstalled it. 2. Cleared all of my History, Cookies and Cache. 3. Scanned with Mallwarebytes. And 4. Googled 'dakotaram.com' Unfortunately, this has done absolutely nothing, in fact I could not find anything relating to that web site anywhere! As you state, the constant popping up of the alerts is starting to get annoying. What really annoys me is that Malwarebytes do not make it easy to report, why oh why don't they add a simple button so that users can report when a problems arises? I have attached just two of over 50 logs files. Malwarebytes_threat_log_1.txt Malwarebytes_threat_log_file.txt
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