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  1. Hey folks. I upgraded to Win10 2004 and MB 4.2.1 on Sept. 19. After running for a couple of days with no issues, I turned on web protection and in the past week or so I have had no BSODs. I hate to jinx things but I wanted to give you some feedback. Thanks for all your help. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. I don't want to be difficult but I followed your instructions and turned on web protect and within an hour or two there a BSOD and then I gathered the pss-helper logs and uploaded them (using Inbox) and i never heard anything back on that. Is my problem a known issue? Is it addresses in the latest version update. Because if not, I don't need to turn on web protection to go through another BSOD. Some guidance based on what the pss-helper data says would be nice. Thanks.
  3. Guys. I never heard anything back on this. It's been 10 days. I"ve since updated to Windows 10 ver. 2004 and I just installed MB 4.2.1 and rebooted. Is the fix in so that I can turn Web Protection on???
  4. Hey there. Can someone please take a look at the pss-helper logs from this weekend? Thanks!
  5. Last night I ran the pss-helper, enabled web protection, woke to a rebooted PC, collected the pssh-output and uploaded it in a reply to the email with the pss instructions.
  6. Thanks. I have 'allowed' a number of items I had not thought about allowing uTorrent. I just set that up and will turn on web protection tomorrow and see if the BSOD recurs. I really have not noticed any uTorrent performance diff between web protection on and off. I'll keep an eye on it.
  7. I understand. I don't traffic in any of the file types you list. Thanks!
  8. Well, that is one of the reasons I have been a subscriber to MB for all these years. And, why I do feel exposed without the web protection active. The vast majority (95+%)of MB detections are by web protection and for uTorrent. Any ETA or roadmap for a fix?
  9. Nevermind I see it in my MB Inbox. I run a business on this system so I am not too keen on trying you grab because I can't tell when the BSOD will reoccur.
  10. Did you send an email as a follow-up message? I will need some idea of how to trigger the BSOD.
  11. uTorrent is always running. Web Protect is turned off right now, but was running when the BSOD happened. It is not consistent. It is random and may go a day or so before another BSOD. It is not reproducible, unless you can have some idea how to trigger it.
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