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  1. Hello advanced setup, I just wanted to let you know , I tried with another screen but it sadly stays the same. I decided I am buying an new desktop and second hand laptop and throw everything of storage devices out the window. And start fresh . I would love to find a solution for this thing causing these screen alteration, but I can’t work on those computers any longer as it gives me headaches for days afterwards. I was maybe thinking if It would be possible to send an storage device via mail to malwarebytes Lab . So they could see what’s on it ?? Tha
  2. Hello again, i was so free to I try to reset and erase my windows 10 laptop with a usb recovery drive I made before the issue. To try to wipe the problem. Sadly it does not clear up my screen . I did notice that my bios layout has the same reddish glow too and while running the recovery software too. I have removed the CMOS battery en short-circuited the connectors . to reset my bios . I tried making a video where this gloomy blurry filter over my screen is visible. I hope it gives an idea . many thanks again . kind regards Jonas
  3. Hello sir, Thanks for your reply again. I am Very sorry that I have given a wrong impression sir . I was somewhat disoriented and agitated from this thing happening . I’ll put a picture of the older pc with the red glow . And Of my laptop. With the blurry overlay . For me it is noticeable because I know what it looked/feld like before the alteration. And now. I think it would be Definitely more obvious visible when comparing a normal with an infected screen . the blurry overlay is like a filter That disturbs the normal look of The screen I hope this can g
  4. Hello, I have Actually tried that Before and it is not really visible . the screen has a kind of pinkish red glow . there is also some sort of filter over the screen that acts over the normal Windows desktop. That interferes with your perception of the screen. Like you loose your focus. it looks “normal” but there is definitely a difference in looks and experience of the screen. when connecting the usb yesterday , my screen started to look this gloomish glow , and a feeling of anxiety came over me so I really noticed something was wrong ( again) . i can’t relax when lo
  5. in attachement the fixlist log many thanks again for your help Fixlog.txt
  6. Hello, I have checked if this would be hardware related , and have brought my computers in for a check all with no result. as the problem is the same on 5 computers here now . And it all comes from connecting usb devices from 1 computer to another. the problem has started some 6 years ago , I have done several reinstallments and resetting my video memory but non seem to get rid of this altered screen look . more worriesum is no anti virus detects this problem . I have found reports of similar issues on the net but I can’t seem to find any solutions other then
  7. Hello, thanks for your help and assistence! i have done all the checks from your reply . i'll post the attachements. I noticed when running adwcleaner and farbar not all boxes were checked , i ran the application in the settings it original arrived. i hope that's ok? many thanks again for the assistence kind regards j scan asus mb.txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. Hello , I have a very persisting spreading screen virus on my asus windows 10 laptop ( and others) By my knowledge it only messes with my screen ( makes it reddish gloomy and seems to slightly pulsate) but it doesn’t freeze your computer or such or searches for information, to my knowledge. I have the same issue on multiple pc’s and 2 macs ... they have AlL anti virus protections Malwarebytes , clamxav on macs and also malwarebytes free version and f-secure on pc , the latest windows updates , And standard and administrative accounts... tried with several anti virus programs but
  9. Hi Alvarnell, My firmware is up to date . running Silentknight showed everything was ok. i am doing a check with another app from that site . It is realy strange that the look of my screen still looks strange even after installing a logicboard and reinstalling a new osx. even from a bootable usb. where could such a thing then still reside? Is there any way to check your bootsystem on unusal/unoriginal programs/commands ? Is it possible to reinstall/overwrite your bootsystem? i get dubious sites when looking for that on the net :s What would be needed to
  10. Hello again, I have tried restting NVRAM a couple of times. this did clear some of the screen alterations visible. but still something is given these strange impulses in my screen . If placed the logicboard correctly that should have given a new firmware, not? I do have in my system.log a message that could be worriesom?? " the first sampled color of the immage isn't solid, this isn't an apple logo image" "isapplelogoBootImage = NO" I don't know if this is related to the problem . Should I be worried about that? i can't read a systemlog, but someone offered to have a l
  11. hello alvarnell. can I ask you as a mac guru ? my problem started occuring right after oping those torrent files( screen start acting "strange") . haven't seen any program open when clicking on those files. but my cumputer stoped for a while , like very bussy. and got scared, there was a readme file in there, stating i was terrorized by some "name".... Could a non-virus "programm/command" change anything in my mac undetected? and still keep acting even when erasing and reinstalling my osx. having done those clean install did reduce the severeness of the problem. but some o
  12. Thanks ! I was just curious because my scan of my Mac takes 3 secs and my windows 3 hours . So there must be a difference in how it scans? The Mac is a faster system but 3 secs is really quick . Is this because it doesn’t bother to look deeper in Mac system because it is supposed to be safe itself and everything in a Mac is more connected? thanks for your help!
  13. thanks for your reply . So this would not be traceable with any kind of "malware" software ? Many thanks for your help!
  14. Hello Treed. It is there! not seen ufo's :) i think compresion of the video file etc. reduce the quality. and make et less visible :( It is realy a small shivering vibration. like some frequency . you see the screen move slightly all the time! I get headache from it like my inside of brain tences up hard and I have days of complaits after working just a bit on it. I have checked with a similar macbookpro of a friend for some time (or on the windows laptop i now use) and i don't have such experience on that . This made me search closer for the reason and what i always suspec
  15. hello again, I have had contact with the apple repair center that did the repair .and they say this is not a hardware problem as to the results of hardware checks and the replacements done. I am still looking to find whats causing this screen behavior . I as i think this is still kind of malware related. but i can't find the origin of it in my Boot or system. Are there any other programs from malwarebytes or different, i can run to check my macbookpro more thouroughly??? or places i can look to trace this problem. i am very grateful for all help reached out!
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