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  1. Hi @Dashke I checked again and everything works properly. Thank you for your kind assistance.
  2. @1PW & @Dashke Good day! Further to the above i proceeded with testing the connection to benefit.gr & lms.benefit.gr and the antivirus is still blocking the connection. Could you please check it from your side?
  3. Dear @Dashke Thank you a lot for your prompt response. Please be so kind to inform us with a reply upon completion of the removal.
  4. Dear @1PW, Thank you for the above. Please be informed that our domain has been removed from CDRF BlackList, and now appears 100% clean in the website you previously provided. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/ab8aef42e86283309ac157a0f57414f123513bbfbd0412572427bf1cf73b9de9/detection
  5. Quick update regarding the above. We recently identified that the block rule applies to our main domain: benefit.gr and affects all of our sub-domains.
  6. Dear Supporters, good day, Yesterday we were informed by one of our clients that our e-Learning platform with URL: lms.benefit.gr has been blacklisted by your good software for Account Phishing purposes. As we believe that this action was taken by mistake we would really appreciate it if you could remove this Blocking rule so our clients can connect to our web platform with no issues. Below you will find my contact information for any further clarifications as long as a link to Google's Transparency Report which indicates that our website is safe for use. Google Transparenc
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