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  1. Hello, Been busy with other things; so I haven't had the opportunity to look at this solution as yet. I also received another potential solution from my ticket raised with MB which I haven't been able to look at as yet either. I will keep you posted. Regards BlueGoose
  2. Hello, I have attached the results as requested. Regards BlueGoose mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Hello, I have reinstalled Privacy and I was able to activate using my licence key from my MB Premium account. Unfortunately I am still getting the original problem "Connection Issue". In the log file there is a warning for "Operation timed out" followed by an error "Failed to verify handshake. (2047ms)". Is there a way to increase the software's timeout limit to see if is more of a problem with my carrier? Regards BlueGoose
  4. Hello, Thanks for the response. Unfortunately my trial period has now completed and I'm unable to verify whether the problem has been resolved. Is there any way to extend the trial period? Regards BlueGoose
  5. Hello, I installed the trial version of Malwarebytes Privacy on my Windows 10 computer a few days ago. I have not been able to get it working as yet. I didn't have any problems installing the product; and activation was automatic since I already had the Premium version of MWB installed. The problem is when I try to turn Privacy on I get a "Connection Issue" dialog being presented indicating a problem with my internet connection. The internet connection is working fine. This problem persists irrespective of the server location selected. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the product with the same outcome each time. According to the log file (MBVPNSERVICE.LOG) in the C:\\ProgramData\\Malwarebytes\\Privacy\\LOGS folder, there is always the same repeating warnings/errors which should be indicated in that attached files. Hoping you can help resolve this issue. Thanks in advance. Bill mbst-grab-results.zipmbst-fix-results.txt
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