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  1. Thanks for providing this additional context. I appreciate the prompt guidance and assistance I have received. I am able to access the main LEET website and the LEET Forums website without being flagged by Browser Guard.
  2. I am now able to access the site without it being flagged by Browser Guard. There is a section of the site, though, that Browser Guard is blocking for the same reason. I am not sure if this should be whitelisted as well, or if the suspicious activity is legitimate. Unfortunately, the link to their helpdesk seems to be broken. Thanks for all of the input and assistance thus far.
  3. I appreciate the prompt follow-up response. I will give Malwarebytes an opportunity to review this post and the site before reaching out to Forcepoint ThreatSeeker as you suggested. Cheers!
  4. @alvarnell, thanks for the prompt response. What action should be taken to get that finding by Forcepoint ThreatSeeker cleared? I noticed that Firefox had an update ready to finish installing with a restart of my browser when I opened the About Firefox window to gather the version info for my initial post. That update will most likely bring me up to version 80.0 like you mentioned.
  5. I use Firefox Monitor to determine if my email address has been involved in any known data breaches. Unfortunately, my email address has been involved in a few. I am trying to get my credentials updated for Leet, but when I attempted not navigate to Leet's website, leet.cc, Malwarebytes Browser Guard swooped in with the following: This is the website provided under the developer information for the LEET Servers for Minecraft app on the Google Play store. I am wondering if this website truly is suspicious, or if this is a false positive. If this is truly a suspicious site, I am curious as to how I should go about addressing my involvement in the breach. Firefox info: 79.0 (64-bit) Browser Guard info: Any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated.
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