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  1. Also Malwarebytes is still detecting one item each scan.
  2. Hi, I'm sorry but in the ESET scanner I was stupid and forgot to save the log. It said it took action on a few things, but I have no idea what they were. Do you know if it gets auto-saved anywhere?
  3. Alright thanks, here is the fix log.Fixlog.txt
  4. Alright, thanks. It appears the Chrome PUPs are back again though... (logg.txt is the Malwarebytes log) FRST.txt adwcleanerlog.txt Addition.txt logg.txt
  5. I've already used Process Explorer and Autoruns for VirusTotal and they are clean apart from a few false positives.
  6. Yeah, I accidentally ran an executable file that was malicious. It stole all of my data, and I'm still paranoid that my computer is infected. I know there's not 100% certainty that a PC is clean, but I just want to be able to sleep knowing that my computer is probably fine.
  7. Hi, it appears it has been fixed, but do you know if it could have made it's way onto my phone? My PC and my mobile device are really the primary 2 devices I sync with. I'm just wondering because I can't find a "Reset Sync" button on mobile.
  8. Recently, Malwarebytes has kept coming back with each scan,11 PUPs related to chrome. If I do a scan, quarantine the files, and do another scan again, it's there. 11 PUP detections. Things I have tried so far: Disabling sync Resetting sync I can't wrap my head around it. I have a log file that I made this morning from MBAM Premium and I have since quarantined the threats. Here is the log file from this morning: log.txt
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