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  1. Hey Maurice, thank you for checking up, the next two images are proofs the hidden files are shown and that the search with hidden files enabled still provides no search results. I have also attached the MTB log file. MTB.txt This is my dialogue with Microsoft which I will currently try to execute and see if all gets back to normal.
  2. The file does not seems to be there, I reran the entire thing and I see no log file there as you mentioned
  3. Hello Maurice, Sorry for my delay, I switched countries. These are the results on both PowerShell and WindowsSecurity
  4. Thanks allot for all your time. 1st - Every time I restart my PC I get the windows boot menu which asks me to either load normally or scan the memory. 2nd - Logs are attached 2nd - After the scan. When I clicked Quarantine in windows defender again this is what happened. 4th - When I tried to quarantine other items again, all of them went back to the initial state: Fixlog.txt
  5. The scan succeeded, no threats found. In Windows defender is I click Remove OR Quarantine nothing happens. The dropdown simply closes as if an attempt was made but no feedback, and the detections are still there right after. ESET scan log.txt
  6. Thanks, I did that, unfortunately I still this this malware detected by windows defender. I guess there are no other solutions left?
  7. I have ran the script and this is what windows defender shows right after restart: Fixlog.txt
  8. Here are two files generated after the scan. It asked me to make a basic repair so I clicked yes. Hopefully this was as you required otherwise I can rerun everything from step 1. AdwCleaner[C00].txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt
  9. 1st log as requested attached, working on step 2 now msert.log
  10. Windows Defender detected: Used software which did not remove the threat so far: Malwarebytes Kaspersky Free Trial Windows Defender - Windows Defender REMOVE/Quarantine actions do not have any effect if pressed Comments: It changed my proxy setting before and I manually disabled that proxy so far, but kept the configurations for this screenshot. Shortcut.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes Scan Report.txt
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