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  1. The advice here solved it for me. I just updated mb as directed and it sorted it
  2. Hi, Thanks for that. update and scanned with no pups. This has never happened to me before so took me by surprise and caused a bit of panic as I couldn't think how I had got infected so badly! Hopefully all will be well now. Cheers to both of you.
  3. Hi, Oh right. Thanks. I have no idea what that is or how to do it
  4. Hi, Not clear on your reply, could you say a bit more?
  5. Hi Guys, Since yesterday when everything was fine and after the latest database update. MB is suddenly detecting Android/PUP.Risktool.CallPay.lo for 74 apps which includes apps like google play store, youtube, Weather&Radar, Hive, Google play services etc., which seems strange as I've not opened any emails or downloaded and run any new apps since the last MB scan. Does anyone know if MB has changed it's scan rules which might be generating false positives. Its more worrying because there are a good number of system apps listed as affected, and you can only disable them not delete.
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