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  1. An update and new scan is not detecting it as a threat now.
  2. Malware.AI.4029273193 detected in file AutoHotkeyU64.exe appears to be a false positive. This file is a component of the AutoHotkey program. Detection occurred on multiple computers.
  3. This beta fixed the issue for me. Thanks for addressing this so quickly. One question...is there a direct download link for the beta available or can you only update from within the application?
  4. I have two Windows 10 1909 and one 2004 all connected to an HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus that are experiencing this same issue. I was able to work around the issue by disabling Web Protection. I do not have SNMP enabled on the printer. Eagerly awaiting a fix. Hopefully it won't be several weeks as stated above.
  5. There are multiple discrepancies...the file name, the file version, and the program version...none of them match one another. I keep offline copies of all installers and these version numbers have matched for as long as I have used Malwarebytes software.
  6. According to the posting here, the current version of Malwarebytes is v4.1.2.73. I am downloading the offline installer from here. The file that is downloaded is named mb4-setup-consumer- instead of mb4-setup-consumer- Additionally, when viewing the properties of the downloaded file, the file version is reported as v4.1.1.173 instead of v4.1.2.73. Has the offline installer been compromised in some way or are the build/version number discrepancies just simple mistakes in the versioning?
  7. I gathered the logs and looked through the resulting files and I'm not comfortable posting that information in a public forum. I went ahead and opened a support ticket (2781480).
  8. Strange. It appears that @Paszu is encounting the same problem with the offline installer. Initially, v3.x was installed on the two systems and I ran the offline installer to upgrade to v4.x. After getting the error message, I uninstalled v3.x, ran the "Clean" portion of the Malwarebytes Support Tool, and then attempted the installation again using the offline installer and got the same error message. Can you let me know what specific logs you would like?
  9. I tried the same offline installer on a third system and got the same error message (attached). If I download the installer stub and run that, the product installs correctly. I attached the log file that's written to the C:\Windows\Temp folder when it fails to install via the offline installer. I like to have a full copy of the software for offline installations. I believe there is an issue of some sort with the file @Erix referenced in the aforementioned thread. Can someone from Malwarebytes download that installer (http://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb4_offline) and attempt to install it? mbamiservice.log
  10. I attempted to upgrade from v3.8.3.2965 to v4.0.4.49 on two Windows 10 computers using the offline installer referenced and linked in this post. On both systems, I got a nondescript error message stating only that "an error occurred" and offering nothing else but an "OK" button. I uninstalled v3.8.3.2965, ran the "Clean" portion of the Malwarebytes System Tool, rebooted as instructed, etc. and attempted the installation again. Same result again on both computers. Would someone be able to test the offline installer linked in the above post to see if you get the same results? Here is the link... http://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb4_offline Thanks.
  11. To temporarily disable Malwarebytes, you can following these steps after a fresh reboot... Go to Start | Run and type services.msc. Find "Malwarebytes Service" and double-click it. Change the startup type to "Disabled" and then click OK. Last, reboot your computer. C'mon Malwarebytes, at least acknowledge something is going on!
  12. MALWAREBYTES, PLEASE WEIGH IN ON THIS! I support my family's computers and just heard from my mom on this. While I was remoting her PC, my laptop started doing the same thing as everyone else that's posted.
  13. I am currently running KIS, MBAM Premium v2.x, and MBAE Premium v1.x. I had some of the common issues with v3.05 so I reverted back to my original configuration. With the release of v3.06, I am interested in giving Malwarebytes another try. To ensure the best chance of a successful install of v3.06, I would like to fully uninstall and clean up both MBAM and MBAE. I was able to find the tool/process for MBAM v2.x here but I cannot find a tool/process for MBAE. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.
  14. I went ahead and installed v3.x on my laptop. Overall, KIS and Malwarebytes v3.05.1299 appear to be playing well together. I do, however, have a couple of questions and also appear to have run into a known issue... My questions are... I purchased three MBAM lifetime licenses a while back. When MBAE came out, I went ahead and purchased it and have been paying for the annual renewal. Since Malwarebytes v3.x now contains both MBAM and MBAE, which license do I get to retain? Obviously, I'm hoping for the three lifetime licenses. I uninstalled MBAM and MBAE and then ran the cleanup tool (v2.3.0.1001). I ran it with KIS disabled and rebooted when prompted. After the reboot, I spot checked a few things and found multiple Malwarebytes folders with files still in them. Also, when I installed v3.x, it found all of my user and licensing information. The cleanup tool clearly didn't work as it was supposed to so what did I do wrong? When installing v3.x, the default installation folder offered is C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware. Is this correct? I made the assumption (probably incorrectly) that since there is no "anti-malware" program per se, but rather MBAM, MBAE, etc. all combined into "Malwarebytes v3.x", that the install folder would be just "Malwarebytes". The one issue I'm seeing is on the list of known issues with v3.05.1299... Occasionally, after installing, you will see a “protection layer is off” warning while the protection is being or has already been automatically turned on. (We have a fix for this coming soon!) I have found posts back from 12/08/16 noting this issue. I feel like after every reboot I really do need to check to make sure all four protection modules are started as opposed to just dismissing the warning. I'm a bit concerned that a new version was just released on 12/19/16 and did not contain a fix for this. This is going to hold me up from deploying any further. Is there an approximate ETA for the version that will address this issue? Thank you!
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