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  1. Seems we're all clear if the detection from Eset is a false positive which it likely is as I think it's detecting an ancient leftover from McAfee. The errors are a little concerning unless that sort of thing is normal? The scan from msert itself detected 0 infections though. eset scan results.txt msert.log
  2. Step 1:No detections Step 2:No detections -Restarted computer- Step 3: Giving a quick glance over, nothing really stood out to me other than those seemingly benign error messages in these logs. (Addition and FRST txts) Will also include the first 2 logs that actually found anything, benign or not from the first time that I attempted Step 2 (AdwCleaners C00 and S00.txts): I guess it's worth mentioning but about a month ago a "generic malware" was found in Fallout Mod Manager, but I'm fairly certain that was a false positive judging by searching around and I let it stay quara
  3. I'd just like to know the cause of it, Keylogger? Trojan? Bitcoin Miner? Just a weird disk error? Should I scramble to reset my passwords or something? Maybe Malware bytes premium dealt with the problem in the background and I need to check a log for that?
  4. Will be doing some mild browsing(Discord(Browser)/Youtube/steam gaming in the meantime, so I'm hoping neither of those things will activate a re-occurrence. MB is running normally in premium mode now, so if that's the case hopefully it'll halt these theoretical things.
  5. Figured I'd upload the full thing first, save us all some time if that's what you wanted. Scans start around 2020-08-12 13:17:45. I don't know enough about computers (especially since so much changes between OS versions, I came to this one from XP), so if any of these shouldn't be here/will get me haxxed or something, delete the post I guess. CBS.log
  6. Kind of a long one, do you want the entirety of the CBS.log and not just the point that it started the scan?
  7. I restarted the computer and after running FRST it's fixed now? (Unless it comes back on restart or something) I don't know whether FRST or Malwarebytes Premium did it on start up but here are the logs for the FRST, Regular and Addition. Even if it's fixed, I'd like to figure out the cause and what fixed it. Computer is running much more normally now and I have far less stress for it, I practically live on this thing. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. More "good news", FSRT64 is "taking a few seconds" to back up the registry. Apparently a few seconds means forever. I've forcefully closed it via task manager.
  9. No edit function? No edit function. System is windows 8.1 pro if that helps. I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to updates so it's no wonder I'm having issues.
  10. Whatever this thing is it's running circles around malwarebytes that it has found nothing on top of acting wonky even after a fullscan. Sadly this occurred at the same exact time as those "malwarebytes not opening proper" and "tray icon not showing up" issues started coming in enmasse around 8-8-2020 on the forum making me believe it was a false positive. -Origin is most likely from malicious gelbooru ads around the time of 8-7-2020 (Sadly I did not get the memo that the current administrator is a scumbag who collaborates with malicious "ad" services when I went back there for the fi
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