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  1. I already tried that when I first started this topic and it didn't work, but now it worked and I deleted the exclusions, thank you so much, you really helped me a lot, sorry for being kind of annoying. Also, if you can, please add the infected file to the malwarebytes database or something, thanks.
  2. Here are the files Fixlog.txt DefenderExclusions.txt DefenderPolicies.txt
  3. I already removed the farbar recovery tool, do I have to download it and scan again?
  4. By the way, I still have the exclusions in windows defender, what can I do? ba55050685b9a7b8ae9d4f1a59ce90a4.mp4
  5. Now that you mention, yes, the main problem is in Chrome I see third-party ads (not from Chrome) but I'll try to clean it, could that also be the reason why my PC is slowing down? And also, I downloaded the "online file" before, but now after many scans I deleted it, but that file is the one that caused everything. Thanks for the help
  6. The kaspersky tool didn't detect anything, nor did the kaspersky antivirus when i first tried to scan for the virus in my first post. The Microsoft Safety Scanner detected and removed 1 file. I attached the MSERT.log file. And please tell me, can you analyze the infected file I sent you before or not? msert.log
  7. After 6 hours and a half, the scanning process completed, the malware is still on my device though. ESET Logs.txt
  8. I've been scanning for 4 hours now, it scanned 670,000 files and detected 14 objects, some programs aren't working fine, what can I do while the scan is in progress to help remove the malware? And also, will you be able to do something with the infected file I attached?
  9. I finished doing all the scans, the malwarebytes logs I attached is the one that detected something, the scans after that said there were no threats. AdwCleaner made 2 logs, S00 Log said it was the scanning one and C00 said it was the cleaning one. I also attached the Farbar logs. By the way, can you investigate or add the infected file I attached previously to a Malwarebytes blacklist or something? i would really appreciate it, because I got infected by a similar virus that also affected my Chrome searching. Thanks in advance. AdwCleaner[C00] Cleaning Logs.txt AdwCleaner[S00] Scan Logs
  10. Hello, today, I wanted to install a game, long story short, it came with a virus, it came in a zip file, I ran the executable and it installed me 2 programs: "Garbage Cleaner" and a disk cleaning program, I already knew it was a virus in that moment, I deleted it, checked the task manager, many processes with random names were open, I tried to delete as much as posible, but there were 2 files I couldn't, I ran the Windows defender scan (back then I didn't have malwarebytes) and it said it didn't detect any threats besides the exceptions (I didn't add anything to the exceptions), so I checked t
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