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  1. Hi. I wouldn't really consider it a fix because you're firstly messing with drivers which can be a little tricky and secondly you're basically disabling your PC from using the dedicated graphics card, which is called upon when gaming and performing other graphically intensive tasks. Additionally, the fan speeds might've gone down but, I personally don't remember and maybe I didn't even check, the temperatures might've stayed the same. So high temperatures with almost no fan action leads to even higher temps and ultimately to damage to the components if thet get hot enough. This is just wh
  2. Exactly Great. Thanks, that's very comforting. Perfect, I'll keep it in mind for the future. Thanks! And again, thank you very much for all your help and quick responses!
  3. If you say that is an ok temp I'm happy. Now that you say it, I'm kind of grateful for the fan profile. Maybe this way the components may last longer and better. Yeah, that might be it, but I don't think there's a way I can personally fix it from home, so it's fine. That makes total sense. Windows 10 has been pretty heavily critized and it wouldn't suprise me given your specs and your personal experience. Yeah that's a shame about Windows 7. I personally wouldn't go back firstly because of fear and secondly because I wouldn't have much to gain from it. Yes, a cooling pad c
  4. Hi. I just played probably a good hour of CS:GO and the CPU temps never went above 63ºC! I did set the Dell Power Manager thermal configuration to "Cool" which ramped up the fans (I'm fine with that when gaming) and could lower performance but I didn't notice it one bit. I rarely noticed the game dip below 60 FPS. About the delidding, I'm pretty sure they didn't because I feel like they would've told me if they had done something so daring and potentially dangerous. I'm clearly very happy about the high-workload temps and performance so that's great. My worries originally were about the temps
  5. Sorry I've been really busy these past few days, I'll try some intensive workload in the coming days (probably CS:GO haha) and I'll let you know.
  6. Oh ok, that makes total sense, thanks. If by that you mean setting the CPU core and CPU cache, then yes, I was able to set both of them to -140mV.
  7. I've gone down to -140mV and everything seems stable. Light workload temps seem the same, as well as the fans. Maybe there will be better temps / performance with heavy workloads.
  8. Ok great, I'll start trying that. Just a sidenote, today I played a bit more of CS:GO and the cores were between 70 and 80 instead of the constant 70 I was getting before. Do you know what could be the cause of this? Should I be concerned?
  9. Those links look really interesting and I'll be sure to read them when I get around to it! That's great to hear on the CPU cores, as you said, the difference isn't huge. I've been trying -120mV all day and temps when doing very light work have been around 50ºC with fans situation just the same as before. I feel there isn't a noticeable change in the behaviour of the CPU. Should I try undervolting more? This kind of scares me. Maybe there's other settings that aren't too risky that I could tweak? Thanks again for your ongoing help and support, both of you have been wonderful.
  10. Since then, Core #1 has constantly been hotter than any of the other cores, should this be cause for concern?
  11. Oh ok, great! I guess I'll try maybe -100 to -120mV to see if that makes any difference.
  12. Also, I've just noticed this exclamation point on one of the core temps in the program Core Temp. Do you know what this is and should I be worried?
  13. Hi. I downloaded ThrottleStop and made a profile with a -80mV offset to the CPU core and CPU cache. After applying, should I press "Turn on"? Then can I exit the program? I've done this and haven't noticed much difference in the casual use of the computer. The CPU temps and fan speeds have remained the same.
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