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  1. It happened again, Here is the full memory dump https://we.tl/t-9nTFfkbuH9, password for the archive is again "malwarebytes" without quotes.
  2. Here is the full memory dump https://we.tl/t-IsuH8LQRgc, password for the archive is "malwarebytes" without quotes.
  3. 091420-48968-01.dmp091520-52359-01.dmppssh-output.zip090720-54906-01.dmp Hi. It was stable for a while after running the clean but it happened again September 7th. And then again yesterday and today. I haven't changed anything since I ran the clean. Everything is basically the same as then. Why it didn't BSOD more between then and now I don't know. Why now, also don't know.
  4. It'll happen a once or twice one day and then nothing for a few weeks. It typically happens when running openvpn but not all the time. Not even doing anything in particular like connecting or disconnecting but randomly after a while. But 99% of the time it works fine. It's just once in a while it happens.
  5. Here is the latest full memory dump https://we.tl/t-yNsKaO5dSq , password for the archive is "malwarebytes" without quotes. And also the clean results. Hopefully that might have fixed it again for a while. mbst-clean-results.txt
  6. It's particularly bad today for some reason. I'll try the clean now. 081120-49359-01.dmp 081120-49500-01.dmp
  7. I am on the latest version 1.0.1003. It just randomly crashes sometimes giving IRQL not less or equal. It happened a while back and I ran the Malwarebytes Support Tool and that worked for a while but it has started happening again. Here's the .dmp and malwarebytes check results. mb-check-results.zip 080820-44953-01.dmp 081120-50781-01.dmp
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