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  1. I need to look at this tomorrow. I’ll get back to you. Thank you so much!
  2. I just went into general and found VPN is not connected. Easy explanation of what that means and is connection important? Sorry for basics here.
  3. I just typed a text and it was clean- no weird words. I did the dictionary reset keyboard. Thank you! That had been such a headache....
  4. Ok, doing that now! I’ll let you know if it works-
  5. Ok, doing that now! I’ll let you know if it works-
  6. When typing a text, random inserting of BB, CNN, CBD, occur. They occur sporadically, not all at once and not every time. I delete them, when I catch it and continue typing my text message. How do I prevent this from happening? I read no malware App that can get rid of this type of corruption, is there another method? Thank you
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