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  1. Or am i not? did u find any viruses in my pc?
  2. So am i free of viruses or malware?
  3. Fixlog.txtif u dont mind i removed my ip adresses because i dont feel comfortable putting in the forums since they are public. Fixlog.txt
  4. ok i did the fix, should i send the file over?
  5. im so confused on the instructions...
  6. Where do i run this file? its just a text file???
  7. It still says unavailable. Can u send it again?
  8. malwarebytes scan.txt no detections.txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt Addition.txt
  9. Today for the first time I saw MSAScuiL.exe on my startup, and when I went to right click it "open file location" was greyed out. In the registry editor it marks that it should be in "% ProgramFiles% \ Windows Defender \ MSASCuiL.exe", but I can't find the file in this folder. Also, MSAScuiL.exe appeared on my startup, then disappeared and now reappeared. And when i open Malwarebytes, it disappears. I scanned with MWB and SuperAntiSpyware and they couldn't find anything.
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