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  1. Thanks, Nathan. I'd seen that set of instructions but since it involved installing android studio I didn't feel like following it at first. I have just done so, though, and now Notification shows up in the Apps list as "Not installed for this user." (as expected). We'll see if this fixes the instability I was having. My phone started crashing randomly and then having Notification turned back on when it rebooted. My suspicion is that the malware was causing the crashing, and something about it was letting it turn back on. Hopefully, this use of adb to uninstall it for user 0 wi
  2. Aiyiyi. I'm here looking for information about why my phone keeps opening a web browser to 51offlinegames and enflower.info. Guess what brand it is and what app malwarebytes says is the problem: yep, Blu, and notification (com.android.sys.ups), with the Android/Trojen.Fadeb.j Installed 24 June 2020. Same issue as Chamorrogirl, apparently -- Blu pushed an update, and it's full of adware. The annoying ads and such didn't start until a few days ago, though. Sounds like it's time to get a new phone that isn't a Blu. Only bought it because it was inexpensive and had the dual
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