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  1. Sorry for the late response Kevin, i trully appreciate what you are done for me, i was really worried about this malware, from now on ill be more careful Thanks you so much.
  2. Sorry i didnt see it , i already downloaded it, the laptop works fine and scans dont show anything, so I think I no longer have any virus, right? Thank you very much
  3. Well no until now every program works fine, no other .exe error, ive been doing twice scans a day, but nothing appears. scan my entire pc twice too and nothing, the programs that i couldnt save, i delete everything and re-installed it, also no slow or overheated cpu, hdd works fine. Im a little worried to connect my backup drive though, but im gonna wait a few days and see what happens, Thanks
  4. Unfortuanly i just keep getting the empty text file from Microsoft safety scanner, from FRST i download it again and give me the lof file here it is. i think im gonna do the same thing for the scanner tool, sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks. Fixlog.txt
  5. Im sorry, but i have a problem, neither FRST or MSERT make a Log text, i run Frst twice and search all my computer and nothing i couldnt find "Fixlog.txt", i know that fix and delete all y temp files from chrome edge and windows temp files, but it didnt create a log text, the same with MSERT it runs (I did it twice) the scan didndt detect anything but the mrt.log its empty nothing shows. Any reason for this? Thanks
  6. Im sorry, looks like i upload the wrong docs, this is what the program show. Thanks. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. Thanks for replying Kevin, after downloading the malwarebytes, detect malware, quarantine it, and remove it later (Detected SVCHOST virus),I restarted the computer and allowed me to use the task manager and the other applications, but even so, my antivirus (Avast) eliminated the .exe files of some applications (chrome and others), but its fine i download them again, i wanted to know if its save to plug a USB o a external storege to my laptop, or there is a way to know if my laptop its still infected. Addition.txt Scan Log 2.txt Scan Log 1.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  8. I was working on Word when my antivirus started detecting threads on my applications and then one by one stop working, every. Exe file was detected as a virus (WIN32:APANAS), now i cant even open task manager, to be honest this is my first time dealing with this so i dont know what to do, right now im doing a full virus scan and see if does something Thanks
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