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  1. Hello, there is a slight amendment to the domain we need checked. It is track.lehoffer.com, i.e., Http://track.lehoffer.com. Thank you.
  2. Hello, Thank you for all your assistance in the past. Unfortunately, a new domain, lehoffer.com, is being blocked for "Reputation" even though this is a new domain that simply tracks voluum. Can you help, please?
  3. Quick update to the last post...the only remaining domain to unblock is fertilityfactorfive.com. Thank you again.
  4. Hello, We are almost at the finished line. Thanks to all the staff for its assistance throughout this process. We only have three domains left to unlock (BrowswerGuard): fertilityfactorfive.comgenf20.mxmenhealth.com-new.today Thank you.
  5. Excellent. Thank you so much for this great effort. All the apps domains are unblocked, and almost all the BrowserGuard domains are unblocked. There are just a few left that hopefully you can resolve: dmcontact.bizdmcontact.infoestody-hansys.icufertilityfactorfive.comgenf20.mxmenhealth.com-new.todaysellhealth.bizvigrx.com.br Please help us finish off these stragglers. Thanks again.
  6. Thank you, as always, for your help. You asked yesterday for us to get back to you if there are still blocks. Unfortunately, there are still some blocks. The first attachment contains a list of domains blocked on the app, and the second attachment contains domains still blocked on BrowserGuard. We appreciate all your assistance. blocked_app_v3 08-12-20 (1).docx blocked_browserguard_v3 08-12-20.docx
  7. Thank you for your ongoing and appreciated cooperation in this matter. We received this message today: "This list has been removed from the database as of Friday." The list you referred to was, presumably, the list in the first attachment, because that is the one we gave you last week. Unfortunately, many of the domains continue to be blocked. For instance, please see the uploaded image. On that original list, we noted that the domains we provided might not be exhaustive of all the blocked domains. We have now compiled a list of all blocked domains, and have categorized them
  8. Thanks very much for your help. We see that the domain "dmcontact.com" has been unblocked. Unfortunately, others on the list we supplied remain blocked. Is there a reason for that? Do you require more information from us?
  9. We've been experimenting with using the Browser Guard (Chrome Extension) product as well as the Windows Desktop App's Realtime Web Protection component. There are many domains listed above (including subdomains) that are being blocked by the desktop app. For example dmcontact.com as well as all of its subdomains appear to be blocked by the desktop app. In the case of vigrxplus.com, the main website at www.vigrxplus.com doesn't appear to be blocked however the secure order page at order.vigrxplus.com is blocked by the desktop app. The Browser Guard blocks both. We have no idea how any of t
  10. Thank you very much for your recent response on this topic. Attached is an example of how domains are still being blocked. We have many domains in the same situation, which we listed in our last correspoindence. If we start a new thread for each one, as you suggest, that might not be efficient for you. Is there no easier way for you? preview-chat-Screenshot at Aug 07 11-13-30.pdf
  11. Please read the attached document, which refers to the previous two postings by Leading Edge on the topic in the title. Malwarebytes 08-07-20.pdf
  12. Please see the attached document regarding a previously submitted report entitled "False Positive" Malwarebytes 08-06-20.pdf
  13. Our online ordering system appears to be blocked by your system with the category "Pharma". We sell herbal supplements, not pharmaceuticals and we've been in business with good standing for over 18 years. I don't know on what basis we were blocked but we'd like to politely ask to have the block removed. I'd like to also note that although this post covers a single IP (which resolves to many domains) it appears that almost everything we have hosted on the AWS cloud is being blocked. That includes some IPs that aren't even publicly accessible (internal applications to our company) so I can't ima
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