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  1. My Windows 10 updates have always installed smoothly. Now that these 2 new updates have appeared that has changed. I've already scanned with my Premium Malwarebytes and no threats have been detected. I looked up online to run sfc/scannow, dism, ren, chkdsk, and none of them have ever found corrupted files. I've already did an upgrade install to replace my windows 10 system files yet still to no avail. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. Its alright, I ended up figuring things out and I updated the rest of my drivers. I couldn't have done it without you guys, thank you for staying with me till' the end. The thread may now be closed, again thank you all i'll remember all this for the future
  3. Okay so far so good, i've managed to update all my drivers through Windows.old\System32\DriverStore, my resolution is back, the keyboard, and my network. I have activated the product key too by using ProduKey to track down my old key. One last question though, I have accidentally loaded a hive from windows.old to my current registry but I haven't unloaded it yet. Will a registry key like this have no effect on my system? Because i'm having trouble deleting it.
  4. I've started downloading Bitdefender and Windows Updates as I have already did on Google Chrome. My main keyboard seems to be uninstalled to, i'm currently using the gaming keyboard.
  5. I should do it on internet explorer right now, or get google chrome first?
  6. Okay, exile360 should I finish off updating the last three caution drivers through system32\driverstore? It worked with so far, I should do that before updating motherboard?
  7. Yes!!! Thank you all for staying with me till the very end I know never giving up and faith are cliche but damn this feels like a movie
  9. How do I have it scan, what do I click here? I only know how to pick one for one device specifically.
  10. Okay this is for @exile360 and the others in case they are available tommorrow. I have managed to complete the setup and I have installed it but the devices' drivers have been uninstalled(even my network adapter). Seems like the installation wasn't the final part, I expected all drivers to be automatically installed as they were already before. In my case, the old drivers might be in my windows.old folder but I don't know where specifically. Please help me install my drivers also it said the days i've got left before product key activation are 3 days only.
  11. Okay while you are here i've finished the installation process and my windows is back. But new problems sprung, the pc can't search for a wifi because it doesn't have network driver. How do I fix that? Also my resolution is now limited to 1152x864 i'm guessing that's monitor driver too? How am I supposed to install the drivers if I can't connect to the wifi?
  12. I've also taken pics of program files/x86 folder so that I may reinstall them after. This might be the final piece to finally fix this so I need your final advice.
  13. All right i've made the flash drive bootable again, the Upgrade option still has the error but Custom can now be installed in. The partition I pick here is the partition where my system files are right? I'll just pick the partition with the system files and leave the partition with personal information unharmed. Does that sound good?
  14. Thank you I appreciate your sympathy, i'm not sure this will finally be fixed tommorrow. But tommorrow is my day off, I will keep you guys updated as fast as I run through the setup.
  15. Oh okay, do you find "The computer has started using the windows installation media" error familiar?
  16. I'll give it another shot tommorrow. Hopefully I can do either Upgrade or Custom.
  17. Okay I will do the same thing again from the original tutorial video you sent me. Maybe it didn't run before because I didn't turn up legacy mode. Also about Windows.old, its supposed to be where I get my files back right? Maybe just maybe, the error message that appears when I click Upgrade option is just an excuse to mean the drive is MBR and flash drive installation is GPT. Because in the Custom option that error occurs and doesn't allow me to install on any of the partitions.
  18. That makes a lot of sense now. So Hardhead's idea is not gonna work out for me because of my important data right? I've managed to make an EaseUS Partition Master bootable usb by the free trial though(It actually booted in and ran the program I just changed BIOS settings from UEFI to Legacy). So should I scrap this? Also about what I said earlier, about Upgrade message error connected to Custom message error when installing windows 7? Also when you said before that Upgrade option will not replace anything, does that mean my old corrupted system files will linger?
  19. I'm just gonna use rufus to reformat my flash drive so that I can have EaseUS
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