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  1. Not that I can think off....It's pretty Good and in temp the files didn't appear back So it's all good I guess and the speed of the computer is increased a bit Which is a great take away from this On top of everything please suggest me a good antivirus for free and as of now I have Avast free anti virus.. Let me know if something has to be checked further Thank you so much for your wonderful support
  2. Hi, Please find the attached scanned logs of ESET scan and fortunately didn't find anything harmful in the 2 hours scan 11-08-2020.txt
  3. Hi, I have uninstalled all the below software's and changed my DNS to the Google DNS as suggested Regarding the russian language pack i actually installed an game called Empire : Total war and many said it was in russian language.So i installed the language pack externally or it might have something which came up with the game setup itself(not sure) Download Link: http://oceanofgames.com/empire-total-war-free-download-8338918/ Is that the root cause of all this issues???Is it fine to keep that russian software or something I have attached the logs after the restart as
  4. Hi, I have followed all 3 steps and shared the logs below Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C01].txt AdwCleaner[S01].txt FRST.txt Malware bytes.txt
  5. Hi, I have done the kaspersky scan and have got one infected file but have cured it(Don't know whether that's the right thing to do) In the second scan(Full) it found nothing and i have attached the SS of both the scan results Please check and let me know
  6. Hi, i have ran the Scan with ESET and attached the logs below Surprisingly found 8 more files and deleted them Please advise further ESET.txt
  7. Hi, I have done the AdwCleaner scan and the logs are attached below( AdwCleaner[C00].txt & AdwCleaner[S00].txt ) I don't know whats wrong with the first logs which was scanned by malwarebytes trial software but it had 7 quarantined file and all were deleted.That might be incorrect as i already ran an scan following one of your forums and i have described it below for your understanding Before all of this i have ran another scan with mbar- following the above forum and have got some 73 files detected and deleted.I have attached the logs of that as
  8. Hi Team, Attached are the logs for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool which was done today FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. Hi Team, I have attached the logs(reports) of the completed scan 7 scans detected and all were quarantined Please advice further 3-08-2020.txt
  10. Hi, I am having free avast antivirus as my antivirus and never sees things popping up in virus chest but in the past two days i have seen this ****temp.exe(gB94f.tmp and gDac5.tmp) file popping up.I don't know what it is and even after deleting it keeps coming after every restart,as it comes up and sits in the temp folder.Kindly help me either remove it or to find whether it is an false alarm Windows 7 Hp laptop
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