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  1. Alright I ran the fixlist. Here is the log. I haven't had any network disruptions or blocked IP's since yesterday so I will update if anything else happens. Fixlog.txt
  2. My latest scan also came up with nothing. Still no new blocks coming up, I guess I'll have to wait and see if it happens again but considering I hadn't been visiting any new websites when those blocks came in I am worried something hidden is infecting my computer. I don't know if this is what I am supposed to be posting for a threat scan report. scan.txt
  3. I ran Adwcleaner as suggested in another thread, and it cleaned up 17 files maybe that solved it? Here are the logs from that. AdwCleaner[C00].txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt
  4. So I have had some worrying detection's on my Malwarebytes since a day ago. The first was yesterday an outbound connection being blocked on IP on port 137. At first googling this ip I found that it was the same as an arma 3 server(video game I play) so I thought maybe the server browser had glitched out and detected it or something. But I've since had 3 different ip blocks on port 137( today. No file is listed in the block report, so I don't know what was attempting to connect. Possibly related is I have been having internet connectivity issues, or rather my whole household has where we would disconnect from the internet occasionally. I didn't think it was anything malicious but now after switching to a new ISP and router today, those 3 different ip's were blocked, 2 of them after switching to the new router. So, is it possible my PC is infected and it has been affecting my home network for everyone else? When the internet was affected on my network I didn't see any suspicious network usage in resource manager. Malwarebytes didn't have any detection's during multiple full scans I've done. I assume an outbound connection means something on my pc is attempting to connect to these suspicious IP addresses right? As far as I know I haven't visited any shady websites lately or installed any suspicious programs. Apart from the aforementioned internet problems and the blocked IP's, I haven't noticed anything out of place on my PC. I will attach my log files and hopefully someone can help me resolve this. Doing another full malwarebytes scan currently will post it when it is done, although I suspect it will come up with nothing like the others. Since the last block of an ip 4 hours ago I have seen nothing. Addition.txt FRST.txt blocked IP.txt
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