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  1. hi, I have downloaded the Malwarebytes prog you sent me and it uncovered two pups (I think) that the premium version had missed out, possibly these are the offenders allowing this ransomware to detect me so, I've tried to download the Farbar recovery tool but Windows 10 is blocking it and even though I've told windows its safe it is still blocking this download so I've attached this file from your ADW cleaner i sent to my desktop. Will this suffice ?. I have also the quarantined ransomware still in my premium versions quarantined file, can i send these to you to look at thank yo
  2. It should be IP address and not opinion 🤔🙄
  3. I’ve had Malwarebytes premium for some years and it does the job as stated. ive of late been the target of continual ransomware attacks and suspect they have my opinion address and every time I go on line they come at me, which your software stops. so I decided to only go online to get security updates from yourselfs and my antivirus software. i disconnected my wireless dongle thus ensuring my computer Could not connect to the web. today with the dongle not connected I got a ransomware hit which your software stopped my conclusion is that some Trojan And every time I s
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