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  1. I have received the latest update and can confirm that the false positives is now been resolved. You can lock this thread now. Thanks for resolving my issue.
  2. Oh ok, got it I'll wait for the next update. I was in a middle of posting a screenshot. I did not see your previous post.
  3. This is the registry that malwarebytes is detecting (I think, I'm not used to registry edit.)
  4. Thanks, I did a re-scan (after updating malwarebytes) and unfortunately malwarebytes still detects the registry that is related to Evga precision as trojan.downloader. But the driver file is no longer detected. Updated Logs: 6d8fb35a-d3fd-11ea-a5d4-b42e9932962d.txtfppart2.txt I might of updated too early if this is not the case.
  5. My Malwarebytes installation detected one of EVGA's Precision X1 Drivers (Driver x64) as Trojan.Downloader. I used this mainly to keep my GPU cool for the day. It has not been detected until today. It is also installed via the steam client, if you needed that information as well. Steam Store link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/268850/EVGA_Precision_X1/ Virustotal link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/33da2ce240b4559cc6e847d56c5fbeaa3d644ec160841920ea0a098dcee28d0e/detection I have logs attached for review as well. Scan results: fpevgaprecision.txt More Detailed report: b3545396-d3f8-11ea-a256-b42e9932962d.txt
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