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  1. Hi there, Here's the SecurityCheck result. Should have done it right then, it was faster then expected. So, i should update every applications listed with a warning, i suppose? I've restored the file and sent it on virustotal, it says no engines detected this file. I guess it was a false alert. SecurityCheck.txt
  2. I will upload the file and run this tool tomorrow as soon as i get online, most likely in the afternoon. Have a good rest!
  3. Well, seems all fine just like you expected. I'm relieved. I'm sure you must be pretty busy, but if you ever find a couple minutes to give me a piece of your mind about my security setup, i'd be glad about it. Otherwise, i completely understand. About the "uwamp\bin\apache\bin\htpasswd.exe has been detected by MalwareByte as Malware.AI.4031076051" issue, now that it's been quarantined by MalwareByte and before i permanently delete it, would you like it if i zip it and send it to you or else for analysis? I thought it might be useful since MalwareByte described Malware.AI as unknown threats that have not been researched on or classified yet. Thanks a lot for your support! It's been greatly appreciated. esetLog20200801.txt
  4. I didn't mention it, but now that i think about it, yesterday when i first received the Protection warning, i was playing around with the router i just configured as an Access Point and have trouble with (hence why i was looking for an SSH Cheatsheet), which i was connected to, and had its SPI Firewall disactivated at this moment. My WAN router still had it's firewall on at this moment though (thanks to the ISP firmware that wouldn't let me turn it down to do my tests). Should i worry about this?
  5. Ok, i started the ESET Full Scan. Thanks a lot, i'm glad i've come across you. Coming back to you as soon it is over
  6. I had my guard down, but i guess i'll have to be more careful in the future when visiting sites i don't know. Maybe i should check them on Website Scanners or open them on a VM first to be sure. Seeming legit don't mean much
  7. No, i wasn't aware of this site at all. I was looking for a SSH Cheatsheet and it's the first result DuckDuckGo sent me back. Thought it seemed legit... :\
  8. Tell me if those weren't Protection logs. I dont think i still have the first one from Yesterday unfortunately. Here are the new FRST logs after rebooting Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. I have not rebooted my pc before running FRST. Should i run the scan again after rebooting to make sure it's ok?
  10. This was MalwareByte's report (step 1). I didn't kept my Step 2 report, coming a.s.a.p.
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